Hocor Rice Bran

Hocor Rice Bran

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Rice Bran

This product is provided in a 10kg bag and will last you on average 2 weeks per horse.

Rice Bran excellently supplements a horses diet, especially during cold weather. It is a source of healthy, slow release energy as well as having a beneficial effect on hooves and hair and improving immunity to infections. It also supplies the equine body with B group vitamins, natural E vitamin, Gama-Orizanol and provides non-saturated fat acids Omega 3 and 6. Thanks to amino acids contents, consistent with a horses needs, it is a source of valuable protein, which cannot be overstated when building muscle weight.

Ingredients:  100% rice bran


Ingredients analytically:

Digestible energy                                            17,00 MJ

Digestible protein                                           12,00%

Raw fat                                                               16,00%

Raw fibre                                                             7,00%

Raw ash                                                              12,00%


Daily dose (depending on individual requirements of a horse) should be from 50 to 200g/100 kg of body weight. When choosing a dose, please pay attention to fat contents in any other feeds, so that its overall contents are not larger than 10% of the whole dose.