HOCOR Plus Mix

HOCOR Plus Mix

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Plus Mix

This product is provided in a 20kg bag and will last you on average 2.5 weeks per horse.

If you want to make a good balance of oats or another cereal, Plus Mix is just what you need. Thanks to added herbs and dried fruit, it supplements vitamin deficit, and live yeast cultures improve digestion. A horse's diet is enriched with valuable proteins and fat, as well as large quantities of fibre that balances levels of energy from enzymatic and microbiological digestion.

Ingredients:  granulated lucerne (28%), rice bran (22%), granulated dried grass (10%), dried apples (10%), dried chokeberry, mix of micronized grains, whole sunflower seeds, dried vegetables (carrot, beetroot, parsley), linseed oilcakes, Himalayan salt, calcific sea algae, a mix of herbs (marigold, nettle, mint, dandelion), linseed oil.  


Ingredients analytically:

Digestible energy                                          13,99 MJ

Total protein                                                   14,90%

Raw fat                                                             14,12%

Raw fibre                                                          14,1%

Raw ash                                                              7,76%


Mix with oat or other grains in 1:1 - 1:2 ratio (oat: PlusMix). The amount of feed depends on the amount of oats.