Hocor Performance & Lecithin

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Hocor Performance & Lecithin

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Size: 1.5kg or 3kg

HOCOR Performance "Energy Boost" contains unique Yarrowia Lipolytica yeast cultures, which are associated with a rich selection of  bio-active substances: B-group vitamins, fatty acids with omega 3 bonds, all necessary macro and microelements, and additionally vitamins E & C which are both strong antioxidants.

Due to the high digestion rate of all mineral ingredients, HOCOR Performance efficiently and rapidly restores all mineral deficiencies and supplies a broad range of exogenous amino acids. The lecithin content has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

The high biological value of protein content favours development of muscle mass, especially in young horses. Due to a high concentration of citrulline maleate, the mix increases endurance, strength and speeds up regeneration of muscular fibres. Moreover, HOCOR Performance has prebiotic properties.