HOCOR Chilly Mash

HOCOR Chilly Mash

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Chilly Mash

This product is provided in a 10kg bag and will last you on average 1 week per horse.

ChillyMash formula additionally contains vitamin C rich ingredients - dried plant material - chokeberry, raspberry, currant leaf and haw. They help build your horse immunity during freezing weather. This carefully composed, natural and full of nutritious ingredients feed will make a great meal for any type of horses. Thanks to dried apples and marigold petals, ChillyMash is a great source of carotene, and cold-pressed herbal oil gives horses essential fat acids omega 3 and 6. On cold days, it's worth adding the mix to a hot meal - not only will it warm up your horse, but it will also supply it with a slow release energy in the form of fibre, which helps to protect horses against cold temperatures.

Ingredients:  dried vegetables, unmolassed pulp  (33%), dried apples (20%), rice bran, wheat bran (8%), currant leaf, sunflower husks  (6%), whole sunflower seeds (5%), linseed oilcakes, nigella cakes, a mix of herbs (marigold, nettle, mint, dandelion), linseed oil, Himalayan salt, calcified seaweed, hawthorn fruit, dried chokeberry and raspberry.

Ingredients analytically:

Digestible energy                                          11,88 MJ

Digestible protein                                          9,64%

Raw fat                                                            10,86%

Raw fibre                                                        14,50%

Raw ash                                                            9,70%


Depending on horse's work, from 100 to 400 g for 100 kg of body weight.  GIVE SOAKED (15 min.) IN 2:1 RATIO (ChillyMash : WATER).