HOCOR Breathe Easy

HOCOR Breathe Easy

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Breathe Easy

This product is provided in a 10kg bag and will last you on average 2 weeks per horse.

A feed mix supportive of breathing, enriched by antiseptic and bacteriostatic herbs, which help dilute secretion and facilitate expectoration. An addition of herbs also facilitates digestion, as well as being a great a source of vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients:  dried molasses pulp (30%), dried apples (10%), mint and lemon balm (10%), wheat bran   

(7%), a mix of herbs for coughing, nigella cakes, nettle, camomile, marigold, dandelion leaf and root, carrot, beetroot, parsley root and leaf, nettle, live yeast 5x10 /kg CFU, linseed oilcakes, sunflower cakes, oat husks, granulated lucerne, dried grass, dried chokeberry and raspberry, sunflower husks.

Ingredients analytically:

Digestible energy                                        10,21 MJ

Total protein                                                  9,21%

Raw fat                                                            5,2%

Raw fibre                                                        17,01%

Raw ash                                                           5,53%

Dosing & application:

Give 0.5 kg to 1 kg/day as an individual meal or mixed with currently used feed. Before feeding, pour with water in about 1:1 ratio and leave for 15 - 30 min. This food mix should be given pro tem (for example during the respiratory infections or cough caused by the inhalation ) between 10 and 12 days or given periodically as the element of treatment RAO/COPD for 10 days monthly. Attention! The cough usually stops around 6-7 day of treatment, yet the food mix should be given still 3 to 4 days, simply to clean the respiratory from mucus. The optimal way to serve this mix is to pour it with 40 ͦ  water, and after 10 minutes add  chilled water, but pouring it with warm water only also leeds to excellent results.