If you are thinking about moving your horses to HOCOR we encourage to you to read this thoroughly to better understand what our product is all about and how your horse will benefit from it.


In the last 10 years the demands of riders from their horses has increased exponentially, supplements have of course changed but few have evolved.

Our innovative products contain a patented ingredient called Yarrowia Lipolytica which is a highly-absorbent strain of yeast. Yarrowia Lipolytica has been proven to strengthen immunity, Increase the speed of muscle regeneration, improve digestion, strengthen hair & hooves, regenerate cells within the nervous system and even increase the appetite of fussy horses.

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Because this product ingredient is patented you wont find it in every product you come across it is what makes us somewhat unique by comparison.

HOCOR has been working with top International equestrians as well as everyday riders for both feeds and supplements and the results speak for itself.

A horse like a human needs nutrients and balance in its diet in order to perform to it's full potential.

Hocor Complete  perfect for horses in light to medium workload

  • strengthens immunity
  • improves digestion
  • increases efficiency
  • regenerates sells

Hocor Performance is ideal for  sports horses that are under a lot of stress and physical exhaustion

  • contains antioxidants
  • restores mineral deficiencies
  • beneficial effect on nervous system
  • speeds up regeneration processes

Hocor Titanium for strong hooves and shiny coat

  • strengthens and nourishes hoof
  • supports regular growth
  • has an antimycotic effect
  • increases frog resistance

Hocor Respiro+ cough and allergy symptomatic treatment

  • protects horses from free radicals
  • easily digested
  • anti inflammatory effect

Hocor Regen + Ideal for horses recovering after illnesses, operations as well as for those in poor condition

  • high concentration of Vitamin C and magnesium
  • immunity enhancer
  • restores mineral deficiencies

Hocor Digest + for horses suffering from and prone to gastric ulcers

  • contains phytobiotics
  • antihepapatoxic properties
  • helps to stop bleeding 
  • supports liver function and the healing processes

What do those words mean?


Defined as plant derived products added to feed in order to improve performance. They originate from leaves, roots, tubers or fruits of herbs, spices and other plants. They may be available in solid, dried, and ground forms, or as extracts (essential oils).


Any agent that prevents or destroys the growth of Fungi, antifungal.


Herbs prevent or cure the damage which is caused in liver due to certain chemicals. ... They inhibit the increase in triglyceride, cholesterol, and total lipids in liver. Thus these plants can be used for the treatment of jaundice and hepatic failure.


help prevent or stop cell damage caused by oxidants.

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