Our Feeds

HOCOR feeds are 100% Natural.

We realise that we are not the cheapest when it comes to horse feed, the reason is quite simple. When we set out making HOCOR feeds we didn't set out to make the cheapest feed we set out to make the best.

Our feeds only have a 4 month shelf life because they are 100% natural, it would of course be easy to add preservative and reduce waste and lower the price but that is not what we are about.

When we started our research several years ago we were surprised and on occasion shocked to know how many artificial products were being used in our horses feeds, in particular some horse treats which contained up to 500g (that's half a kilo) of Aroma per 1000kg of product!

In our opinion horses define nature, they eat what the earth provides and then give back nutrient rich stool which once again promotes the growth of more food. Why on earth would we want to fill our animals with artificial preservatives, colours, flavours and aromas? 

Hocor Natural Horse Feeds Full Range

Natures Call

Our herbs our certified as ecologically farmed in Europe, we do not use mass produced Chinese grown substitutes or any GM products. In each of our products we only use natural Himalayan salt and algae.

There is absolutely NO MOLASSES or any added sugar in our feeds and mash.

A horse can not tell you if they are feeling lethargic or their digestive system is causing them discomfort and sometimes it is hard to see the signs, we feel that it is our responsibility as horse owners to provide the most healthy, balanced and naturally nutritious diet possible.


Following our research of many existing feed products it was easy to be inspired to create something special.

We were inspired to work with European farmers to create completely natural sustainable feeds with each variety containing additional elements that promoted specific development or complimented existing diets that gave horses what they required, completely naturally.


We are incredibly proud of our premium feed and the fact that we have peace of mind that all of our own horses (pictured on our website) and the horses of our customers are receiving a 100% natural and healthy diet which supports their growth and development in the best possible way.

Hocor Feeds The best for your horse, naturally