Hocor Regen + Spiruline

Hocor Regen + Spiruline

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HOCOR Regen Boost Up + Spiruline is a unique product based on a highly-absorbent strain of yeast called Yarrowia Lipolytica, rich in biologically active ingredients, in particular: vitamins from group B, selenium and full range of essential amino acids.

HOCOR Regen Boost Up contains a high concentration of vitamin C and magnesium, it’s also enriched with a specially selected phytobiotics composition. Regen Boost Up quickly and effectively reduces the risk of mineral deficiencies thanks to quick &easy digestion.

The content of spiruline, which is a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids, with slightly lower amounts of methionine, cysteine, and lysine - combined with vitamin C & phytobiotics - makes HOCOR regen Boost Up a perfect immunity enhancer; it also helps the horse’s body to regenerate quickly, increases tissue regeneration & has antibacterial effect.