HOCOR Power Up Mash

HOCOR Power Up Mash

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PowerUp Mash

This product is provided in a 10kg bag and will last you on average 1 week per horse.

A mix that is specially developed for horses used intensively or for sports purposes. It contains added ingredients like vegetables, herbs, fruits and Himalayan salt, which offer a huge dose of natural vitamins and minerals. Contents of fibre, starch, fat and live yeast cultures were balanced in the feed so as to keep intestines working properly, even with a substantial energy input. Power Up feed is recommended particularly as an evening meal for a horse that made great physical effort or was involved in sports events.

Ingredients:  dried unmolassed pulp (29%), rice bran (12%), granulated lucerne (10%), wheat bran (7%), sunflower seeds, linseed cake (6%), nettle leaves, sunflower cakes, nigella cakes, chaffed mint, violet, fenugreek seeds, oat husks, dried chokeberry, dried apples, dried beetroot, Himalayan salt, calcified sea algae, soya oil, live yeast 5x10 /kg S cerevisiae strain MUCL 39885.

Ingredients analytically:

Digestible energy                                         12,50 MJ

Total protein                                                  13,38%

Raw fat                                                             7,58%

Raw fibre                                                        13,88%

Raw ash                                                            8,17%


Depending on a type of work: 1-3 kg/day. GIVE SOAKED (15-30 min.) IN 1.5:1 RATIO (PowerUpMash: WATER).