HOCOR Power Muesli

HOCOR Power Muesli

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Power Muesli

This product is provided in a 20kg bag and will last you on average 1 week per horse.

An ideal mix for working and sports horses alike, rich in dried vegetables, herbs and fruit. Micronized seeds will be a source of energy, and substantial contents of lucerne and rice bran will be a supply of valuable protein.  High fibre contents will be beneficial for the digestive system.

Ingredients:  granulated lucerne (25%), micronized barley, corn and wheat grains (24%), rice bran (20%), dried apples (8%) and chokeberry, calcified sea algae, sunflower seeds (8%), herb oil, a mix of herbs (marigold, nettle, mint, dandelion), Himalayan salt, linseed oilcakes, dried vegetables (carrot, beetroot, parsley).

Ingredients analytically:

Digestible energy                                          14,27 MJ

Total protein                                                   14,24%

Raw fat                                                               8,36%

Raw fibre                                                         11,50%

Raw ash                                                              9,04%


 Depending on training intensity, 1-5 kg/day for a house having a weight of about 500 kg.