HOCOR Complete Care Muesli

HOCOR Complete Care Muesli

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Complete Care Muesli

This product is provided in a 20kg bag and will last you on average 2 weeks per horse.

A carefully chosen mix of 100% natural herbs and vegetables with lowered NSC contents (below 15%). That is why the muesli can be safely fed to non-working horses and it acts as an additional source of energy for them. This feed is an unquestionable treat, rich in natural, easily absorbed mineral elements as well as supporting and regulating the functioning of respiratory and digestive systems. Vitamins in the mix have a beneficial effect on the horses hair and hooves.

Ingredients:  grass pellets (20%), granulated lucerne (20%), a mix of micronized grains (barley, corn, wheat) (10%), dried apples (10%), rice bran (6%), linseed cake (6%), sunflower husks, extruded wheat, oat husks, dried vegetables (carrot, beetroot, parsley), sunflower seeds, linseed oil, herbs (marigold petals, mint, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf and root), Himalayan salt, calcified seaweed.

Ingredients analytically:

Digestible energy                                             11,49 MJ

Digestible protein                                             9,93%

Raw fat                                                                 5,85%

Raw fibre                                                            15,64%

Raw ash                                                                6,51%


Complete Care Muesli can be given on it’s own or mixed with a cereal/grain based feed such as oats.You should feed Your horse according to Your horses individual requirements; as a guide we recommend between 1 kg and 5 kg daily. A single meal should contain no more than 3 kg of muesli.