The best for your horse. Naturally.

We at Hocor pride ourselves on our products being 100% natural and containing ZERO MOLASSES.

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I have used all the "big brand" feeds & literally cant believe how well my horses have been on Hocor!

Maria Hart

I tried Regen Boost because I needed to build muscle on my underweight horse.. one word, UNBELIEVABLE.

Michael P Adams

I am a professional International show jumper and feed my top horses on Hocor. I am very happy with it.

Michał Kaźmierczak

I have 7 horses and all of them are on Hocor feeds, they are healthy, strong and winning "most" weekends! :-)

Ola Czerska

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Yarrowia Lipolytica

It is completely natural - Yarrowia lipolytica are dimorphic yeast forming cream-coloured, irregular colonies with numerous hyphae. They occur naturally in margarine, cereal plants, high-protein meat products, vegetables, frozen food and wine. hey belong to non-pathogenic microorganisms...

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The Science Behind...

The company who researched and produced what we refer to as the "miracle ingredient" Yarrowia Lipolytica is a company focusing on implementation of created or purchased modern technologies originating from scientific research projects and their full commercial use on a massive scale.

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Natural Creature, Natural Product

HOCOR feeds are 100% Natural.

We realise that we are not the cheapest when it comes to horse feed, the reason is quite simple. When we set out making HOCOR feeds we didn't set out to make the cheapest feed we set out to make the best.

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